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24 hours of sun
fronius und 24 stunden sonne

24 hours of sun

we are 24 hours of sun

We are Fronius, an Austrian family-run business that has been working in the energy sector since the 1940s and focusing on solar energy since 1992.

We’re driven by our vision of a world in which we use 100% renewable energy. Our vision is called 24 hours of sun. Every day for over 25 years now, we’ve been working on creating products and solutions to generate, distribute, store and consume solar energy efficiently.

This has made us pioneers of the green energy revolution. But it’s only by working together that we can fulfil our vision of a world 100% powered by renewable energy.

Join the force. 

Why renewables?


We need to develop sustainable energy solutions so that we can leave our children a world worth living in.
24 hours of sun


Renewables are becoming the most affordable form of energy as part of the energy revolution, while the global green jobs market is growing.
24 hours of sun


Using renewable energy sources will eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and centralised suppliers.

The future of energy

Energy consumption at home – electricity, heating and mobility – needs to be completely covered by renewable energies if we are going to create a world without fossil fuels. Not only can this help save the environment, it will also save money

For 24 hours of sun to become a reality, the use of renewables in the commercial sector must be economically viable above all. This is now achievable thanks to smart energy management and storage of energy surpluses. Green mobility also plays a big role.

A sustainable supply of renewable energy is much easier if your community has a communal energy supply and storage facility. Local authorities play a key role in making this happen. 

Generating green hydrogen from solar energy is instrumental in creating seasonal storage and alternative mobility solutions. As a decentralised H2 refuelling station, Fronius Solhub plays a key role in these solutions.

The right green technologies can ensure that off-grid areas or regions with unstable power supplies enjoy a reliable supply without using fossil fuels.

Power-to-gas-to-power is the name for the local generation, long-term storage and consumption of hydrogen created from solar energy.

A large amount of solar energy is fed into the grid from PV power plants, thus increasing the share of renewables in our energy grids.

A large amount of wind energy is fed into the grid from wind farms, thus increasing the share of renewables in our energy grids.

A large amount of green energy is fed into the grid from hydroelectric power plants, thus increasing the share of renewables in our energy grids.

Renewable energy and sustainability are a focus in green cities.